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My Petit Collection was born from the dream of Peruvian artist, Cynthia Bardales. She grew up in Lima, Peru as an interior designer by choice, artist by heart, and most importantly, a mom of two healthy kids.

Growing up, her mom worked as a nurse in Lima and they saw firsthand all of the children there who struggled to get good medical care. She vowed to help and give back when she moved to the United States. When Cynthia was young, she loved to create watercolor illustrations of different characters inspired by stories she made up and My Petit Collection was born!

Launching My Petit Collection is a fusion of Cynthia’s love for art, children, and giving back.

“As our collection continues to grow, I look to those hundreds of thousands of children in need, and hope that our dolls make a difference in their lives and yours” Cynthia Bardales.

With love,

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